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18 марта 2015, 21:25
Хосеп Гвардиола
More unique opportunity, which was given to the readers of Sportsdaily know closer the carrier of exclusive coaching genius Josep Guardiola, may not appear. Readers of the most of other mass media do not even have...
18 марта 2015, 21:14
Дитмар Байерсдорфер
Sport director of football club Zenit took up his duties a year ago. For a relatively short time the team, which seemed to never change, transformed for more than fifty per cent. And such Zenit began to attract...
18 марта 2015, 17:46
Who else can tell us about all the nuances of construction but the man who has been involved in this issue from the first day.In his interview for...
18 марта 2015, 17:29
Георг Хайнц
They spend less than earn, winning titles and not missing a single season in European competition. At the same time this club is really beloved in the city and fully integrated into its culture. Utopia? Certainly not! FC Basel deserved to be the first in a...
4 ноября 2014, 17:37
— We highly appreciate that several our players became world champions at once. It is a very peculiar feeling, when you come to play to other cities and your club is treated not only just as a football team, but as a phenomenon, as Hollywood stars — Rummenigge...
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