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Автоцентр Маршал
«Автоцентр Маршал» — запчасти для вашего авто по лучшим ценам.
Акция в марте — бесплатная замена масла!!!
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Пр. Маршала Жукова, 21
24 ноября 2015, 12:25
Клаус Аллофс
Wolfsburg is back to Champions League since 2009 and very close to its spring stage — the logical continuation of successful run of the last season. However VfL decided to sell its stars — Kevin...
11 ноября 2015, 11:24
Джейми Варди
It was only three years ago that Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy was playing for Fleetwood Town in Non-League football. On Saturday he became the first player in the Premier League to score nine goals consecutively in the same season (Van Nistelrooy's record of ten...
4 ноября 2015, 19:28
On Tuesday night, Manchester United and CSKA Moscow met at a rainy Old Trafford in a vital clash in Champions League Group B. «That's Entertainment» by The Jam was booming around Old Trafford before the match but entertainment was the exact opposite of what the...
26 октября 2015, 18:45
Gabriel Agbonlahor and Tim Sherwood
Aston Villa have sacked their manager Tim Sherwood after a disastrous start to the Premier League season, he left the club sitting in 19th place after 4 points from 10 games, 4 points from safety. They are now bottom after Sunderland's victory over Newcastle United...
19 октября 2015, 22:50
Юрген Клопп
Jurgen Klopp is known as one of the most charismatic coaches in Europe who has an ability to lift teams from poor positions towards the top of the table, exactly what we saw during his time at Borussia Dortmund, he has been brought to...
3 сентября 2015, 10:57
Erik Hamrén
Four points gap in front, the same one behind. Just a few matches to go and team Sweden already see the top of La Tour Eiffel. To touch it next summer Erik Hamren’s team need, however, to maintain...
10 апреля 2015, 10:46
Франк Вормут
Sport Den za Dnem visited the head of the coaching academy of the DFB and once again is convinced of how Russian football is detached from reality. Hennes Weisweiler Academy is hidden in a small forest on the very...
19 марта 2015, 11:12
ФК Кельн
UNESCO’s help to old cities is on the decrease when it concerns chasing time. The world is progressing even faster than we want. The faster modern buildings rise, the oftener it is necessary to return fallen tiles to the roof of an old house....
18 марта 2015, 21:45
Жозе Коусейру
He is an extraordinary. Came to Russia, when nobody waited for him, - Lokomotiv in its usual self has just parted with Yuri Krasnozhan, and was seeking a man, who would play “on hand”. Instead of the request to reinforce the team...
4 ноября 2014, 19:29
Viktoria Plzeň
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